16 illustrations that recreate the life in pair

The life in pair(couple) has, as everything in this life, his(her,your) good and bad(wrong) things. And as everything in this life, depends of since(as,like) be able to fight with both aspects, you will be more or less happy.

The graphical and illustrative designer of cómic Yehuda Adi Devir reflects all these moments of pair(couple) in his(her,your) emblems of a magisterial form. In his(her,your) web page a cómic publishes every week where it(he,she) counts since(as,like) it(him,her) him(her) goes with his(her,your) wife Maya.

In these enterteining comical strips it is sure that we meet reflected in more than one occasion. And it(he,she) is that all the pairs(couples) are only(unique) but the problems of conviviality are universal. Here we leave you with a selection of the most enterteining emblems

The best way of sleeping


Embrace of bear

What each one thinks that it(he,she) is ” water warm ”

Bromitas of pair(couple)

Hulka depilates!!

Selfies in which you never go out

And therefore you neither

The odyssey of preparing the breakfast

Your space is my space

Ecological heating

Happy St Valentine’s Day!

Operation ” extermination of the bichito ”

The cold is your enemy

It(He,She) approaches the winter

The men also we have complexes

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