20 simple but ingenious inventions thought to solve daily problems

For very in the silgo the XXIst that we are, still(yet) continue existing small disadvantages in ours day after day that extract us of hinge. For it there are people who dedicates all his(her,your) time to inventing and developing products that make the life to us furthermore(moreover) easy.

Test(Proof) of it they are 20 inventions that you will know later. Do not get lost them!

The meter(underground) in Beijing can be paid recycling bottles of plastic. A brilliant idea to save and to recycle
A shop of clothes there placed this ” winter malingerer “, in order that his(her,your) clients could verify the efficiency of the articles(garments,securities) opposite to the cold
This colouring ceiling of crystals of colors in the dentist contributes serenity to the nervous and scared patients. Or they say it …
For what you all were waiting: a hooking in the chairs to hang the purse
This sticker shows the different conditions(states) of ripeness of the avocado, permitting to choose the fruit according to our taste
You poll afoot(by foot) of street in the public ashtrays
Libraries where not only we can take(catch) given books, but also molds for cookies and pastry
A room for animals in the airport
A tie with the lining microfiber to clean the screens of our electronic devices
A source(fountain) for human beings and his(her,your) pets
A radio that is not ignited until the driver does not put on the belt
A parking for scooters in a public school
In Ireland there exist labels(etiquettes) that, once stuck in the car, do not allow that the driver should forget along what rail it(he,she) must circulate
This table simply is a brilliant(genial) invention
Support for tins and bottles in the public wastebaskets
Brake light and indicators incorporated in the huntresses moteras
A rack to leave the articles about that we have changed opinion. It was ended of making them hidden behind the square loaf …
In this Danish supermarket there is a bath where there can be proved(tried) all the brands(marks) of hygienic paper(role) that sell
In the court of this Japanese school there is a swimming pool of little depth that serves as pastime of the smallest in the rainy days
A notepad with a compartment specially thought to guard the pen, finally!

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20 inventos sencillos pero ingeniosos pensados para solucionar problemas cotidianos

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