Adult movie stars say you should never use these 4 sexual positions

Have you ever wondered what happens with the retired adult movie stars? What do they do with all that knowledge? Are you settled with a family? Or still in the business? Probably, but you really want to know some sexual advice.

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So, what positions ABSOLUTELY avoid like the plague? Yes, I’m getting advice from professionals! In an interview about what to do in the room, the retired professionals let us in four movements that are huge, “DO NOTHING!”

Dr. Sherry Ross

The One Leg Raised Doggy Style.
Some girls find it uncomfortable and do not enjoy it at all. So do not worry if you do not like it. Many girls do not particularly enjoy it. If that is the case, be sure to speak clearly. Having problems? These steps to improve sexual communication can help. This position gives viewers excellent viewing access to the full body of the female, including the vag. Male viewers prefer this position much more than having to watch the penetration from behind and between the legs of the male actor, where the viewer must endure looking at the man from behind.


This position is physically demanding for women who have to keep their legs raised and can actually be painful for the recipient. Some girls found that their raised leg shrank in this position. Anal sex is a little more difficult than vaginal sex in the fire hydrant position. This is because his man is lifting him up, which elevates his anus further from his penis.
Other positions you might want to try:
Corner Doggy Style
Bended Knee



Legs behind the head
AKA The Viennese Oyster. If you’re not flexible, forget about that. Even if you are flexible and can touch the Viennese oyster, it is probably still very uncomfortable for you. Warming up and doing some stretching first is a good idea and will make it easier to do. This position definitely begins to satisfy the endless desire of the most “unique” porn viewers who always seek to increase the torsion factor a bit. Your man has a great deal of control when he is on top of you. This is great if you like being exposed and being dominated and being submissive with it. He can literally “hit you from above.” It is quite obvious why this may not be the most pleasing position for the woman, but the boy may also suffer! After enjoying what will undoubtedly be a deep penetration, The position can expose the woman’s vagina to excessive amounts of air and cause it to dry out, making it very painful for her and not too good for the guy either. It is also great if you like to take it very deep from him.

Otras posiciones similares:
Deep Impact
Launch Pad
Spread Legs



Lean Back Missionary
To properly make the Eagle exposed, you are supposed to keep your legs flexed. But sex is not about rules and regulations! If you’re not so flexible, forget about bending your knees and just straightening them. This eliminates most of the pain / stress. If you mean it, try stretching in advance. You should concentrate on stretching the quadriceps, and your man should focus on stretching his back. When the male leans back, this standard / boring position now offers a panoramic view of what happens there, which is great. This position is also excellent for anal sex, but as in most positions, I always recommend that you first try the vagina, but you never want to switch from anal to vaginal sex without washing or changing the condoms first. It just is not safe.


Other positions you may want to try:
Viennese Oyster
fall loose
pull lamp Love
bad girls Bible


Anal sex without lubricant

Lube facilitates the insertion, both of the toys and of your partner’s penis. You may have heard the stereotypes about the lubricant that is necessary with a woman who is cold or not turned on, but this is not true! Women produce different amounts of natural lubrication, and a smaller amount does not mean that it is not turned on. However, this could be due to medication, age and other health or lifestyle problems, so it is always good to have lubricant on hand. The appearance that no lubricant is used during anal sex scenes gives the feeling that everything is so spontaneous and the woman is so “inside him” that each hole asks for penetration.


Lube does not just try to feel good, though. Without lubrication, it increases the risk of small, sometimes not so small, lacerations in the vaginal canal and anus. Not only can they be painful, but they can cause potential infections. This could also increase the risk of STI transmission. Deke Divine summed it up: “Although it seems that no lubricant is being used on the set, believe me there is … a lot of milk! You just do not see us applying between takes, so PLEASE use lubricant if you are lucky to convince your partner to participate in the backdoor boogie With a bottle of lubricant nearby, you can also prolong your sexual activities comfortably.


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