The domestic definitive mask that it eliminates up to the worst black points in less than 5 minutes

If your nose meets dirty through the fault of the black points, it(he,she) aims at this domestic remedy to get rid of them for little money and to rejuvenate your skin(leather). Do not get lost it.

Mask of black points for nose

Pasta(Cash) of teeth of mint
Go out marinade thin
1 or 2 ulnae of ice
It(He,She) mixes: a spoonful of salt dies, a spoonful of pasta(cash) of teeth and 2 water spoonfuls up to forming(training) a uniform pasta(cash). Later, it(he,she) applies the mask on your nose and allows that it(he,she) should remain during approximately 5 minutes.

Passed the time, he(she) washes the zone with lukewarm water while you realize a soft circular massage. Once the skin(leather) is clean, an ulna of ice happens(passes) on the nose in order that the pores are closed.
Since(As) result you will obtain a clean and smooth, totally free skin(leather) of impurities and black points. All this, thanks to the action(share) exfoliant of the mixture(mixing), the purificante of the pasta(cash) of teeth and the antiseptic one of the salt.

One recommends to repeat this ritual of beauty once every two or three weeks, applying a moisturizing cream later if you have the dry skin(leather).

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