They announce his commitment with this photo and repent immediately for not having checked the bottom

The social networks(nets) are used daily by million persons. The users of these services, between(among) which I include myself, do not realize that we share great any more information of which really we want.

Already be for ignorance of what we are doing or for a mishap, the social networks(nets) are full of our information that, maybe, we are not interested that they were of public domain(control).

This one is the “problem” that happened to the pair(couple) of the following history. Miranda Levy wanted to announce that it(he,she) was going to marry his(her,your) boyfriend. To give this news it(he,she) chose to raise a photo with his(her,your) ring and commenting on the happy thing that one was feeling.

But the emotion of the moment did that Elevated place was not concentrating well on the image that he(she) was sharing. In her(it) there was more information of the one that was waiting. An element in concrete is the one that did on that all his(her,your) friends were commenting efusivamente.

Later we show you the complete history

Whereas we are glad enormously for this pair(couple), we are useful to remember(remind) an important lesson: It(He,She) checks always the funds of your photographies before publishing them in any site.

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