They have prohibited this girl to go to his own graduation for taking this vest

Let’s imagine for a moment that we are a student model. Our notes are of the highest of our center, we collaborate providing that we can with the school activities and our behavior is exemplary. If this was like that, we would have to tie the very fat one in order that they were expelling us and were not leaving us to go to our graduation not?

So(Then,Since) if we are in the institute Harrisburg’s Hickory Ridge, North Carolina, maybe easier than we think. In the above mentioned center they have a few procedure so absurd that can expel you for a bilge, be who you are. And if you do not believe it only you have to read what has happened to Summer, student of the honor roll in the above mentioned institute.

Last week Summer it was sat in the cafeteria taking a snack with his(her,your) companions of class. The director of the center approached him and said to him(her) that one was covering the vest with a coat. The reason is that it(she) was too provocative and inadequate for the center.

This one is the blouse so inadequate that he(she) scandalized to the director

In spite of being hot, Summer wrapped up himself(herself). Really he(she) was not understanding(including) the porqué of the situation. His(her,your) vest was containing either any message nor inadequate image and neither it(she) was provocative. Nonetheless(though), the director returned to the moment with the safety chief. Then it(he,she) urged Summer to accompany them on a room where it(he,she) should change this vest into more suitable other one or would be brave(arrested).

Before so ridiculous demand(lawsuit) Summer he(she) refused. As the girl counts, the safety chief was meeting to meter(underground) and a half of her(it) the hand holding his(her,your) service weapon. After this incident, the girl was expelled for 2 weeks.

Also it(he,she) has been vetada in all the events that the center realizes and even the assistance has been prohibited him(her) to his(her,your) own(proper) graduation. All that to a girl with a note of 4.4 in the GPA (The American average is of 3) and diverse scholarships for his(her,your) academic performance(yield).

The social networks(nets) have not made wait and have clarified his(her,your) indignation and what they think of the director

A rather disproportionate measure, as our protagonist reports. Let’s hope that the director reflects and after-taste to be present Summer at his(her,your) graduation. What do you think of this history? Whom of the 2 you believe that it(he,she) has exaggerated the situation?. Do not hesitate to leave your opinions us in the comments.

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