This British backpacker traveled through America she slept with several men and Recorded their Climax

Lucy Barlows is a young 22-year-old British backpacker who decided to travel all over America from Argentina to Canada. This young tourist is famous in her city for her fight against freedom and the legalization of marijuana. In a controversial experiment in which she tried to challenge the Catholic Church and the conservatives of her country, Laura traveled to several countries where she simply tended her tent and had sexual relations with a native of each South American country.

His tent was equipped with a camera that was used to record the moment he had his orgasms. She always decided to do it in the same camping tent, the same blanket, and the same pillow to keep the same scenario with all the young people. Next, we will see the photos that the young woman published in her blog and that has caused so much commotion for being so explicit.

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