Why do not women have nut?

A false myth that we come to dismantle. The women also have nut, though now we will see why one does not notice them.

What is Adam’s nuez and why does he(she) need?
The laryngeal(guttural) prominence more known as nut or Adam’s apple, is a protuberance or abultamiento located in the front part of the neck, formed(trained) by the joint of both sheets of the cartilage thyroid that surrounds the larynx.

One of his(her,your) principal functions is that it(he,she) helps to protect the frontal part of the larynx and the vocal chords, which are located directly behind her(it).

Adam’s nuez allows us to issue(emit) more serious or sharp(acute) sounds depending on his(her,your) size.

And if the women have nut, why do not we see her?
Men and women have it and it(he,she) has form of roof to two waters. What happens is that, in case of the men, the angle of the roof is sharper(more acute) that in the women and it(he,she) stands out.

The nuez develops during the puberty, in which there take place(are produced) the changes of our body necessary for the reproduction. In case of the men, these changes include a development of the muscles and the skeleton (what colloquial we know like ” to give the tug “). When this happens all his(her,your) body grows, included larynx. And because of it, precisely, the nuez begins to stand out in size and hardness, because the spongy cartilage becomes more stout.

His(Her,Your) growth and development also implies the change of the voice. And it(he,she) is that, during the puberty, the voice of children and girls becomes more serious, though in the boys more since his(her,your) larynx grows more.

In case of the women, to see Adam’s nuez is much more complicated because this one remains secret under a cap of fat neither that nor the most strict diet would be capable of eliminating.

Why do they receive the name of ‘ Adam’s apple ‘?
Do you remember(remind) the passage(ticket) of The Bible in which Eve gives him to prove(try) the forbidden fruit to Adam, after being touched(tempted) by the serpent? When the first man succumbed to the morsel, there exists the former Judeo-Christian belief of which this one remained clogged in his(her,your) throat, something that we inherit the rest of the men.

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